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Spring 2019 Schedule of Events

2/01 -   Registration at

2/23 -   Free clinic in conjunction with the 505 Showdown 10's pre-season  High School Tournament

3/9   Season opening tournament, Balloon Fiesta Park

3/16 -  Matches at Balloon Fiesta Park

3/23 -  Open

3/30  -  Matches at Balloon Fiesta Park

4/6   -   Matches in Los Alamos

4/13 -   Matches at Balloon Fiesta Park

4/20 -   OFF - Easter

4/27 -  Matches at Balloon Fiesta Park

5/4   -  Matches at Balloon Fiesta Park

5/11 -  Matches at Balloon Fiesta Park



1) Age eligibility:

In 2019, AYRU 'U-15' will capture players aged 7-14 who live in the Albuquerque Metro Area, including Rio Rancho.  A player qualifies as 13 yrs. of age if born after 8/31/2004 and is ineligible to play for a high school based club within New Mexico Youth Rugby, thus that player automatically age qualifies for AYRU. 

Each of the four current AYRU clubs are affiliated with a high school level club (U-17 or U-19).  High school freshmen are also eligible to spend their freshman year as players in our league per agreement with our respective high school clubs.  Once a player has played in a sanctioned high school level (U-19 or U-17) match at any time during the season, their eligibility to play at the AYRU level is forfeited.  

2) Coordination with youth play in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Socorro:

In conjunction with NMYR planned activities, we will seek to play one weekend in Los Alamos or Santa Fe, to encourage development of small youth rugby programs in the Rio communities south of Albuquerque, Socorro, Santa Fe and Los Alamos.  

3) Level of play:

AYRU U-15 plans to play non-contact at U-9 and U-11 age groups and contact at the U-15 level, broken out into roughly U-13 and U-15 groups, if needed and similar to how we have operated in previous years.  Per USA Rugby regulations, we can no longer mix girls and boys at the contact level of play.  We will support contact play between all girls teams or mixed non-contact in the middle school age groups if there is enough interest amongst the registered players as the spring season unfolds.